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Building the Next Generation of Bangor’s Creatives

When the Bangor Arts Exchange opened in the fall of 2017, staff quickly identified an Open Mic as a natural fit for the space. But after a year of hosting monthly sessions, the event failed to attract a sustainable audience and develop a unique identity.

A year later, the desire to fill that void grew stronger. Launchpad staff began to develop a new approach to relaunch this micro-project around the core belief that the most important performance an artist will undertake is their first, and an identity focused on encouraging performers of all ages, genres, and skills to attend the event. Unlike late night area open mic’s where the performers might be background to the patrons, the idea here was to build community. This was not only a chance for performance, but also for gathering and connecting.

With financial support from Launchpad and a grant from the City of Bangor Commission on Cultural Development, OpenMic:Bangor has continued to gain momentum as a key opportunity for local musicians in the Greater Bangor area.

In line with Launchpad’s mission to grow the Creative Economy in part by supporting local and emerging artists, this micro-project has also become a tremendous asset for the organization to identify and connect with local music talent in the Bangor area.

The event is held the first Sunday of each month, 11am – 1pm, with a brunch included to attract artists and audiences.

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Team Launchpad
Team Launchpad

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