Micro Projects

Launchpad is a project-driven organization. Unlike our Macro-Projects, our Micro-Projects, are smaller in scope and often have specific goals or a finite project timeline.

Our Micro Projects are typically initiated through our Spark Labs program which engages local Creatives and Creative Organizations to develop small yet scalable projects that maximize community impact. Participants are provided resources which presents an opportunity to; better understand and contribute to our core mission, learn the value and potential impact of scalability, better understand the importance of Creative Placemaking and its impact on community development, and further connect with their own communities.

Current Micro Projects

OpenMic Bangor

OpenMic Bangor encourages performers of all ages to share, express, and network with other local Creatives. The event often closes with invited guests sharing about their creative process and original work.

HPX / All Roads Exchange

Since 2017 Launchpad / All Roads Music Fest has engaged with Halifax Pop Explosion on an active trade program to bring Maine-based and Canadian talent across the border for performance opportunities.