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Wheatepaste Mural Project 2024 – Downtown Bangor

2024 Call for Artist Entries is now Open!


We are seeking visually compelling submissions from creatives who are interested in displaying their artwork throughout Downtown Bangor and Downtown Orono.

8 – 12 murals will be selected for installation at various locations across downtown. Selected artists will receive a $50 honorarium for their work, and a percentage from any revenue generated from project-related merchandise sales (more info provided to selected artists).

Artists may submit work in any format for consideration – but images must be able to convert into a hi-res digital form for final printing. Submissions are due by midnight on Friday, May 24, with final selections chosen by May 31. There is no theme for this years project. We’re excited to see what artists create when there are no boundaries set! The preferred format for submissions are .pdf, .png, or .jpeg. (illustrator files also accepted)

Artists may submit more than one design for consideration but you must submit each design in a separate application.

Selected artists are required to assist with installation when possible to help oversee their piece on June 15 & June 16.

All day-of installation supplies, printing, installation upkeep costs + administrative expenses associated with this project are covered by Launchpad.

Launchpad is an Arts Incubator focused on collaborating with artists, arts organizations and communities, to develop creative places in Maine.

Our projects, programming and Creative Placemaking initiatives develop and strengthen the local creative economy through our work with emerging artists, arts organizations, startups, municipalities and other economic development or arts development organizations. Our mission is accomplished through our four strategy pillars – Community, Talent, Spaces & Capital. Launchpad is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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