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Creative Faces: September 2020

Meet Artists & Creatives working across the state

Bailey Cormier

Mixed Media
Bangor, ME

Bailey Cormier is a passionate artist and Mainer. Her work is heavily influenced by color, and natural patterns and occurrences that trigger strong senses in both the dream world and daily life.

More about Bailey –
I’m Bailey! Some things about me are that I am a proud Mainer, I’m passionate about love, the ocean, women in comedy, scrabble, books, gardening, and of course, creating art. Making art has always been the biggest form of expression in my life. Growing up in Maine, I was able to observe the drastic colors and emotions that go along with each season, inspiring me to explore how I can manifest these things visually through my art.

I was looking at your art online and am interested in what typically inspires you?
My work is inspired by God— or what I perceive as God. I have always wanted to continue to create on behalf of the crisp memories I have from my childhood. In making my art, I strive to recreate the youthful and pure experiences of dreams and color. 

What are you up to currently?
I’m currently in the process of moving back to Maine from Boulder, Colorado. I’m enjoying the beautiful summertime, sailing the coast. Laying pretty low and wearing a mask when I go out into public!! 

Anything you want to plug or any links we should list?

I’d like to include these links:

Support Blactina Media:…

Justice for Breonna Taylor:

Donate Anti-Racist Orgs:…

Emily Bodley (from Flounce)

Portland, ME

Originally from Hendersonville, NC and now based in Portland, ME, Emily Bodley is a 24 year old musician & performer known to charm audiences with her honeyed voice and mellow acoustic style.

Hear a bit more about Emily –
Often compared to the stylings of Norah Jones and Joni Mitchell and inspired by artists like Fiona Apple, Lianne La Havas, Hiatus Kaiyote, and Emily King, Bodley boasts an eclectic acoustic musical set that ranges from jazz standards to upbeat pop strung on her ukulele. Front woman & lead vocalist of Flounce, Bodley is also associated with Portland bands Yeahman and Bad Combo.

I’m a fan of your music and would love to know what typically inspires you?
All of my inspiration is found in the clarity between emotions, or perspective (be it mine or another’s). In the past I have been inspired by my romantic relationships: how did I honestly treat the other person and how did they treat me? What drove us to make the choices we did and have we ever seen each other as actual people rather than objects of desire? Most recently my inspiration comes from self-analysis, a kind of out-of-body scrutiny. I’m trying not to be too hard on myself, but lately I’ve thought of myself as a Bad Person because of how I have treated the people I love, and I’m trying to understand and learn from these emotions through writing. 
Just trying to make sense of what it means to exist in this world.

What are you up to currently?
Flounce is my most favorite thing in the world and I’m going to spend as much energy as I can afford to shoot us to the moon. By the end of January (pre-pandemic), we were booked with 2-3 performances a month until July. Obviously, that schedule burned to a crisp, but since then we released our debut self-titled EP (found on all major streaming platforms and Bandcamp!) and have been kinda-trying to rehearse. My biggest goal right now is to 1.) secure a rehearsal space and 2.) get back on track with weekly rehearsals so we can re-emerge from the sticky cocoon as the beautiful butterflies I know we are/will be. Currently, though, I’ve been enjoying studio time with my best pal Wayitworks (a.k.a. Nicholas Thompson-Brown, bassist of Flounce and saxophonist of Hambone) and we’ve been creating some magical music together, duo style. Our collaboration has brought the light back into my soul! I’m also trying to put heavy work into my newest screenplay, painting, and now resin-art making. Gotta stay busy if I want to stay (somewhat) sane.

Anything you want to plug or any links we should list?
Yes! Go listen to Flounce‘s self-titled EP on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Amazon Music, Google Play, etcetera! It is the thing I am most proud to have created with incredible people! It is badass! I listen to it and get that wiggle in my bones to perform! 

Like Flounce on Facebook, follow us on Instagram @flouncebounce, buy a cute teal mug from our website

Like Yeahman and Wayitworks and Emily Bodley on Facebook while you’re at it, too! I mean, the world’s on fire so why not, am I right?

For something chiller, check out my singer-songwriter Soundcloud profile at
It’s a multiple years-long online collection of lo-fi voice memos of covers with a sprinkling of originals thrown in. 
You can also check out my YouTube channel at if you want to watch an evolution of the many hairstyles I’ve confused people with.

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