Creative Organizations

Launchpad offers services to help emerging and existing Creative Organizations grow and survive.
If your organization is looking to scale up, develop new programming, or find new ways to innovate its operation, we want to hear from you. Launchpad offers one-on-one consultation, workshops, Strategic Partnerships and other resources to help your organization achieve its goals.

Organizations of all types, both incorporated or unincorporated, non-profit and for profit are encouraged to contact us.

Board Development

Staff Recruitment & Retention

Strategic Planning

Marketing & Promotion

Research & Analytics

Research into your stakeholders needs and your marketplace gaps gather your marketing tactics into a single, coherent strategy.

Our team conducts stakeholder interviews, develop user personas, implement large-scale surveys, and perform in depth audits of your brand. Using Analytics from your various platforms, we translate data into actionable insights to better connect you with your audiences.

Branding & Identity

Your brand is the feeling people get when they interact with your organization. Everything you use to identify yourself and communicate with your audience goes into shaping your brand—every webpage, every Tweet, poster.

Whether your organization feels outdated or you’re a startup looking to introduce yourself to the public,  we help organizations reorient themselves to their audiences, creating deeper connections to your mission and goals.

UX Design & Content

Have you recently assessed your digital footprint? Can users efficiently get to the information they seek? Everything we design—a website, an integrated campaign, a brand—puts your users at the center without sacrificing your goals.

Media & SEO

For Creative Organizations and non-profits, your mission needs to be front and center to establish your brand in the minds of the people you most want to connect with. The marketing tactics we deploy to maximize fundraising, membership campaigns, content creation, social media, search advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), everything is in service of your mission and bottom-line goals.

Web Development

Web development is how designs come to life in interactive, engaging ways. Web development transforms ideas into digital experiences for your customers and stakeholders.

Fundraising & Business Development

Fundraising, membership strategy, or increasing sales is essential to your sustainability. By combining design, technology, and content with deep understanding of your audiences, we assist organizations to develop short- and long-term campaigns to achieve your goals.