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Bangor Arts Exchange

Support Our Newest Project: The Bangor Arts Exchange

After months of planning we are excited to announce our newest Bangor-based project, the Bangor Arts Exchange. A collaboration with the Bangor Symphony Orchestra to launch an arts-centric space in Downtown, and includes The Ballroom; a 185 capacity performance venue, separate art gallery & meeting space, musician rehearsal spaces, and admin offices. The space is imagined to be an artistic hub for Bangor and will serve as the new home for Launchpad, the BSO, and the Bangor Ballet, hosting live music, performances, classes, conferences, and more. The space will also be available for event rental, with discounted rates for artists and arts non-profits!

This project is intended to launch in September, with more info coming as we prepare for it’s opening. The growth we have seen for Launchpad over the past 3 years, especially in Bangor with Central Gallery, has been because of an active and diverse creative and artistic landscape in Bangor that had been long been in search of a home. The Arts Exchange project is the next step in that growth and we thank you all for being a part of it!

A gift of any size to the Bangor Arts Exchange project will be a tremendous help as we develop our programming and purchase equipment. A contribution of only $20 or more toward this project gets you listed on our founders wall, a permanent fixture in the space, honoring those contributors who have helped us make this project possible from the start! Need more info? Contact us at

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