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ArtHub Maine

Want to grow the Creative Economy in your hometown? We want to partner with you to make it happen. 

Is a multi-year public-private collaboration between Launchpad, partner organizations, private foundations, local, state and regional agencies, and local financial supporters, working to promote arts and culture as a core sector of community planning and development in Maine with the goal of strengthening the social, physical, and economic well-being of our community.


The core concept of creative placemaking is dependant on projects in which art plays an intentional and interactive role in place-based community planning and development. This brings artists, arts organizations, and artistic activity into the mix of placemaking strategies utilized by public planners and private developers.


In practice, this means having arts and culture represented alongside sectors like housing and transportation – with each sector recognized as part of any healthy community; as requiring planning and investment from its community; and as having a responsibility to contribute to its community’s overall future.


Our three primary program areas are the Creative Placemaking Fund, which will invest in arts-based and creative projects in Maine that specifically help enhance the artistic & cultural landscape, or enhance community development outcomes through arts and cultural processes and interventions; our Community Development Investments through which we support organizations in Maine that are working to permanently and sustainably incorporate arts and culture into their core work; and our research strategies, which are aimed at exploring deeply the possible collaborations among arts and culture as a sector and other discrete community development sectors. Educational Advancement Initiative